Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January...and I am mentally in the garden....

Most folks are worrying about the promised weather reports of ice, freezing rain and cold temps.  I am more concerned with how much I can order from Bluestone Perennials before my coupon expires. Every year around this time, I am having difficulty deciding how much of what I want to purchase.  The catalogs greet me daily and I salivate over the pictures of what I dream my garden will look like, if I could just order with a passion and with total abandon.  I know I am not alone........I know that there are other gardeners out there having the same emotional experience.  I cannot wait for tomorrow's catalogs..........my Dad mentioned a white weeping redbud....hmmmmmm how in the world will I find that, can it be ordered...or is it sold locally???

Spring where are you???


  1. Spring can wait....Enjoy the sound of melting snow dripping... Drive through Rock Creek Park and watch the scenery change on a daily basis as the snow melts... Watch the moon reflect off of snow ... Enjoy the sound of icicles as they slowly melt and shatter on the ground ...look at the shimmering ice puddles as they reflect the sun.... Spring can wait... Enjoy the winter and let your bulbs rest spring will be here soon enough.

  2. We started extending a garden, well actually tying 2 gardens together before the first snow hit. We are now in the waiting mode. Inside starting seeds for spring. But then the Rare Plant Nursery catalog came! Woop Woop Woop


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