Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday Spring...Monday Winter......

What an awesome few days it has been.   Saturday I gardened in a new client's yard to get accustomed to the spirit of the garden and the energy that it shared with me.  It was a wonderfully pleasant experience.    Today when the snow started to fall, I thought to myself, we can finally nestle in to the season at hand.

My dog, Amenia - the perfect Rottie - was so tickled when she pranced out side to relieve herself...and figured out that there was snow on the ground.  Amenia is very light on her feet, for such a large dog, but to see her dance on the snow is a sight to behold....especially from my end of the leash!!!!

As we  took our daily walk down to District Heights Parkway, where there is a native woodland green space, the trees noticeably glistened like the Winter Fairy Princess had taken her wand and touched each and every branch.  Occasionally, a few large plops of snow would gently fall on my shoulders and I knew that the trees were merely playing with me as I enjoyed the still of the evening.

When it snows, there is a noticeable silence that allows you to really absorb your surroundings and  notice the garden in winter, naked but dusted in the season's finest= esrr.

I love the winter garden in it's naked splendor.

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