Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Night at Eatonville with Alice Walker.....

Wow does not express the feeling of having the opportunity to share the same room and break bread with Alice Walker. I have been a fan and remember how as a young girl I wanted to write ......just like Ms. Walker. I wanted to tell tales that would invoke thought and be a proud writer.... Just like Ms. Walker. She was an integral part of my sense of self as I maturing into the woman I am today. To see her in the flesh is an awesome thing. Food and Folklore at Eatonville - a restaurant that embraces the essence of Zora Neale Hurston on the corner of 14th and V street . Eatonville offers foodies and culturalist's a place to dine in a community setting. I can't say enough about this restaurantuer, who obviously gets it.

When The Color Purple was made into a movie, I was scared that it would get lost in translation. I had probably read the book over fifty times and did not want the words to be diluted by Hollywood. To me, the book demonstrated how strong women prevail and how important sisterhood is. Sometimes we as women just do not reach over ( we do not always have to reach back) and make sure that our sisters are okay, take the time to listen or just take a moment to break bread and say we care and that we love each other. If we keep the lessons from The Color Purple close to our bosoms, we can still prevail against all odds.

Zora was a woman who was ahead of her time especially for women of color and prevailed against the odds. To have a restaurant and a movement that honors her existence is awesome.

Where can one find a place where thoughts can be shared, like minded entertainment can be enjoyed and where the sense of community is abundant....Eatonville is the place to look for. Thank you Eatonville for an evening that I will always remember.

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