Thursday, March 14, 2013

US Botanic Garden Event and little things...

As I sit here trying to focus on my current read "The Well Placed Weed" by Ryan Gainey.....I am reminded that I have an event tonight at one if my favorite places The US Botanical Garden - a filming of A Community of Gardeners.  How exciting this will be!   There is an environmental film festival going on here in DC.  There are several selections that seem like they would be of interest to anyone who is connected with the earth.  I will, if at all possible support this and other events that focus on our beautiful earth.  It is the only earth we have.

I tend to collect little things....little vases, little remnants of flowers and the little thing left over at the end of garden season in stores.  Like this basil terrarium and Stevia  kit.   They were so cute and I thought, well this would only enhance my year round gardening effort.  After following my instinct and not the directions, I almost instantly created a garden that my trusty companion, Aminia, can enjoy with my sitting room.   I can't wait for the first sprout!

Just sharing.....

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