Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day is Upon Us..................... is like Christmas Eve for me.  I have become quite active in my Community - District Heights, Maryland....and we are excited!!!  This year we are celebrating Earth Day within OUR community...and most importantly in OUR COMMUNITY GARDEN!!!  Talk about a way to have a party as we celebrate the Earth.  We have interactive demonstrations from how to start your vegetable garden, container gardening, houseplant info, earthly crafts and a tool donation even if you already know it all, donate those underused tools and just come on down and share your personal commitment statement on how YOU will be a better Steward of the land.

My goal is to do my part to make sure that this Earth is in better shape than it is today for my grandsons sake.  I will try to practice making sure that my environmental footprint is making a difference by doing the following:

Using my shower water to water my plants;
composting more;
not printing anymore than necessary;
shredding my paper that is not chemical laden and putting it into my garden instead of the landfill;
 driving less and walking more (Go
growing more of my own vegetables and supporting the small farmer and local markets

What will you do to leave a better world for generations to come???

There will be a party in the Fiesta Gardens in District Heights as we celebrate Earth Day....

I can't wait for my tattoo!!!!!!!

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