Monday, June 17, 2013

My boyfriend is back and his name is Nasella............

Yes....the fire of love still burns strong for a mid size ornamental grass that caught my eye a few years ago and as the song goes......"it just gets better with time".  This wonderful and exceptional grass formerly known as Stipa is something to keep in the forefront of one's mind when it comes to mid- size growth 18" +/-, four season interest (and oh how well it does this), mass planting awesomeness and ease of care.  I dare say that it is the perfect grass....but if not, it sure does come close.

I visited a garden recently where they had under planted a few knock out roses with Nasella Teunissima (Stipa) and talk about a conversation that this combination started!   The sharpness of the thorns, the brightness/wow factor of the blooms in conjunction with the textural, refined, grace of this under planting just made me stop and pause in place.  I will use this combination somewhere soon and watch as other folks enhance the options of the use for this grass. I am certain that Nasella Teunissima will be on the tongues of gardeners and give others a reason to pause and explore the possibilities.


The USBG has used Nasella in hell strip along Pennsylvania Avenue and this year I noticed that they had a little something new in the bed along with the Sage from years before.  It is a different kind of Sage with pink and white blooms.  Once again the softness of this grass standing erect with an amber sheen amidst the soft grey of the sage and now this punctuation of colorful bloom  is certainly a catchy statement as I drive past in the morning. 

Consider this grass and try it in different applications as it surprises by  changing it's form season after season.  This is a grass that has added value in many ways and that makes it a keeper......
I am passionate about Nasella Teunissima.....I fall deeper in love with this grass every year....

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