Friday, August 30, 2013

PARIS -2.5 B

On the flight over the waters for the GSA, I saw this movie called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with some of my favs like Judy Dench and Maggie Smith.  I was supposed to go see this with a dear friend who was going through an unexpected life changing experience.  I wish we had made the time to see this together.
As I watched this movie, I understood the content quite clearly and it made me
wonder why some folks do not give themselves permission to seize the moment and enjoy life.  This goes with my life's motto - Find the beauty in all things and simply enjoy.
We often think I really want that, then negate that beautiful thought by coming up with a reason as to deny oneself that simple pleasure.  Why do we need permission or need to rationalize to others why we do what we do? 
If each of us makes a conscientious choice to find the beauty in all things- like a person being a free spirit, enjoying the moment - for just the moment that is, like doing something that harms no one, but yet brings joy to oneself.....if each of us just give ourselves permission to BE......well, I dare say, what a wonderful world this would be.
This movie says all this and more.  Each of the characters realized their issues, came to grip with the realities of their current positions in life and adapted as necessary.  I am not a movie critic, however, as time allows, check this movie out and find yourself  in one of these characters.  I was Judy Dench.....who gave herself permission to be happy and found the beauty in all things surrounding her.......
Finding the beauty...... and gardens tomorrow.......

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