Monday, February 17, 2014

Biding my time,,,, til the snow melts...

This was one of those weekends where I was at the mercy of the weather. The snowstorm buried my truck, I had a class that I had to cancel as the weather forecast called for more snow on Saturday morning ....which meant that I would have to dig out and deal with the nasty greig stuff - treated snow.  So I wimped out and instead explored all the opportunities to garden more creatively this season.   From pallet gardens to upcycling a shower rack to more creatively potted edible gardens....I could not contain my excitement as I read and absorbed the positive energy ooozing from the articles I was reading. 

Although excited about the possibilities, I also know that any good gardener knows that it all starts with the soil.  Soil - good or bad can make or break your garden vision.  Potted gardens need a lighter soil mix, like potting soil.  Garden soil in a pot will only compact and suffocate the roots....leaving you with either a dead or problematic container planting. Check with your local garden center for a quality potting soil specifically made for containers. Once you have found the right quality mix, put your containers inside the garden to add height and added interest with shape as well as color combinations.  Decide whether you want to draw attention to the container, to the plant in the container or if you want the surrounding plantings to simply skirt the container and enhance its beauty.  I have a vision of some of the white datura seeds skirting a bodacious planter of stunning high drama plants....with the sound of water in the background....on my terrace....COME ON SPRING!

Did you compost last years garden debris?  Have you turned it over this winter or are you slow composting?  Will you remember to add it into your garden....specifically where you are adding plants or where you noticed plants struggling last year.  A boost of good food, natural food always helps.  Heard of lasagna gardening, victory gardens, square foot gardening...or gardening in small spaces???  I urge you to explore the possibilities of how you can creatively garden this year.   It will add excitement and anticipation of the possibilities that are available.

For those who know me, the last thing I needed was yet another book.  However, this one really called my name....and I am so glad that it did!  Explore the new and alternative ways to garden.   Afterall, gardening should be not only good for the soul, but an adventure for the back to my latest read.......

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