Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Simple Gratitude List......

One of the Blogs that I follow suggests that as participants, we create a Gratitude List for this moment in time.  I will try to keep mine to a minimum, but I am grateful for so much, it is not funny.  Here is today's gratitude list:

My Dad, my BEST FRIEND, for still being alive and well at 81....and waiting to garden again this year

My youngest daughter Thea, who is finding her own creative path towards happiness and self her own time, in spite of societal out world...she is coming with a fierce quietness and a smile...

My daughter and grandsons finally moving back  into their apartment around the corner after an awful flood causing her to be displaced for the past month.....WELCOME BACK, I missed you being right around the corner....

My dog, Aminia who played in the snow this past week  in spite of her stiff hips

My God Sent Son, Marlin, who just brings joy to everyday

My ability to garden, sew and find all things beautiful to me in my world daily

My private gardening clients who enjoy my enthusiasm, research and vision enabling them to become excited about the possibilities of what their gardens or special places can become

My Cottage In the Court, while not perfect is such a comfortable place to call home

My siblings who have watched me go through ALL of life's ups and downs - Candy, Jimmy and Petr

My Grandma and Grandpa Herron for summertime memories on the front porch in DC and SC

My Grandma  and Grandpa Speight who told me ...if you TRUST, you do not worry, if you WORRY you do not trust

My friends KM, MAOH, JT, Patricia P. Jose, C, BP and those who shall remain nameless for listening to my journey and urging me on

Finally, My Mom......who always told me I COULD, when I doubted myself or my abilities

Simply sharing gratitude on such a beautiful day.....

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