Sunday, April 20, 2014

How creative were you this Easter?

What a beautiful Easter Sunday it was.  I woke up hearing the birds chirp  outside my window, a slight chill in the air and I sincerely felt like it was going to be a great day from the start.  I wanted to do something differently today, creative and because I am me, I wanted to have fun.  I needed an Easter basket with a twist.  I challenged my siblings to a creative Easter egg  decorating competition with my Dad serving as judge.  This could be an easy win, I thought.  I asked my niece Samantha to be my assistant, thus ensuring a win. 

Of course, I needed to use some recycled materials , afterall my alias is Mother Nature.  I gathered some cotton balls,  ornamental grass foliage,  lavender leaves and spirea leaves.  Samantha found a yellow bloom and gathered some mint leaves.....I could feel the fun beginning.  With a little glue, a sharpie and a bit of imagination, we created our masterpieces.  We used the  spirea and mint leaves for the ears, lavender and ornamental grass for the whiskers, cotton balls for the tail and a random bloom for the nose.  As you can see, we let our minds wander and uniquely decorated our bunnies.  We won the competition, fair and square..... no one dared challenge us.  Samantha and I made a memory by reusing/recycling garden debris ......I knew it was going to be a wonderful day!

Hope your Easter was as awesome as mine was......perhaps you made a memory as well!

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