Monday, April 14, 2014

Memories of Spring.........

Well, winter has finally gone.  If you are like me, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to start my Spring clean up before to got too hot.  If I would be able to enjoy watching my hostas rise above the soil like torpedo's or watch the peonies go from tiny red points at soil level to tall burnished red stems of potential fantabulous blooms.  I wondered if Winter would ever give us a break.  Well it finally happened and we have had some awesome weather the past few days.  I finally put the winter coat away and started moving things from indoors to the greenhouse, started getting my shipments from Bluestone Perennials, finally started back walking through my garden in the morning before work, to stay on top of issues that might arise and to just enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.  It is finally Spring at the Cottage In The Court.

I am slowing it down a little this year, so I can actually stop and smell the roses in my own back yard.  I am installing a pond to create an environment to pause and just breathe.  Not that I can't pause the way it it now, I just want that added feature to invoke another place to commune with nature in my own back yard.  I have been busy with off-site projects for the past few years and have missed my own garden and the joy that it brings, as well as the memories. One of the memories is what I call Lexi's Walk.

My niece, Lexi Speight lost her battle with a rare cancer at 8 years old.  The year Lexi left us, I bought some daffodils from the American Cancer Society. Daffodils were in a picture that Lexi and her sister Samantha had shared with me in the past.  I have always loved daffodils as they increase year after year...(like Love)...which makes me love them more and more.  I planted these three years ago in honor of Lexi and this year they are blooming like crazy.  It reminds me of the Love we have for Lexi and her spirit of happiness as her memory graces my garden and at this time every Spring.  I could not have thought of a better way to honor Lexi than with a walk of her own accented by a Yoshino Cherry, native Redbud and Red Camellia's..

I also noticed how the Camellia's were blooming in abundance this year.  Not as big as in years past..... however our drought last year could have had an impact on them.  I will feed them coffee grounds and irrigate them this year. Most importantly, they survived the vortex's of this past winter.....WHEW!!

Spring is in the air and in my garden with the perennial memories that I anticipate every year - the hellebore's, the epimedium, the muscari, the peonies, the Hakone grass (the wild onions...ugh) and the anticipation of what  summer will bring!!!

Enjoy Spring as it will merely be a memory sooner than we think!!!

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