Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Promises Kept.....a must read as we navigate the path of success for African American Boys

When I first heard about this book, I knew as a grandmother of two African American boys, I had to read and absorb what these parents were sharing.  I was hoping that it would be THE road map for my daughter and I to follow as we make decisions on behalf of my grandsons and their future success.  I was pleased after reading it, that some of the thought processes were similar to my own, as I offer words of wisdom and advice to my daughter.

Starting from early childhood by teaching within the home, to providing educational opportunities, having age appropriate discussions about race are all ways to better preparing our young Black boys for the real world and is highly suggested in this book.  I quickly realized that the tokens given by the authors simply made since.  Talking to, reading to/with, playing with or providing some sort of exercise are suggested practices that in turn prepare our young men to be ready for the world and the challenges that today's world brings.  Even the chapters on discussing race and how society will stereotype due to the company kept and/or initial perceptions by color of skin to how one speaks, can help guide other parents on how to handle such situations.  Through personal example, these authors shared stories of what their sons were up against, as they trekked on this path for success.  Suggesting alternative ways of discipline, implementing creative critical thinking, praise/affection, accountability, time management as well as just being a bit more personable and available to our young men,could change their thought process, their behaviors and affect positively  how public perceptions can be altered.

After reading this book, I can honestly say that if we go back to turning off the TV/electronic devices, spend quality time engaging our children to be prepared for those negative stereotypical things that will happen,  telling our children that we love and support them, we will better prepare them to succeed.

As a a grandmother, I felt that this was a must read, as we prepare our young boys for what the future holds.  Quite a road map for points that should be considered as we develop a game plan for the young men of tomorrow.  Great read for any parent or grandparent.

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