Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hello garden ....glad to make your acquaintance again.....

I am reacquainting myself with every inch of my garden this year.  I have been too busy over the past three years to pay attention to the sensual garden I planted for ME, over the last ten years.  From the pristine white tree peony blooms shattered by the rainy days of last week to the  vivid purple phlox brightening up my shady walkway, I wander... remembering seasons past.  The swollen buds of the herbaceous peonies and the rose bushes wait in anticipation to please my visual, as well as my olfactory needs.  I see the empty spots that yearn to be filled with color.  I hear the birds singing songs of thanks for uncovering food for their young. I watch bees buzzing with glee for the chance to perhaps pollinate something that will make me smile.  

There is life in my garden, there is texture, color, fragrance and hope for yet another season of smiles...... this year, I will make time to enjoy the awesomeness of my garden.

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