Thursday, June 26, 2014

What exactly is The Garden Coalition?

The Garden Coalition is a coalition of like minded people who are like minded and interested in community beautification efforts, garden related travel and garden related programming in the District Heights, Capitol Heights and surrounding area.  This area is under served as it pertains to beautification efforts, educating community members and garden club type activities.  To participate and take ownership of certain areas of the Communities mentioned, it will bring to life and change the outside perception of how we feel about our surroundings.

What have we done so far this year??  Well, we gathered a few of our friends, family, a few strangers, a celebrity and the District Heights Community Garden participants and went to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  A good time was had by at the show and on the bus.  Our raffle winners won a trio of ceramic pots, an expandable rake and some pretty cool garden markers.

Our celebrity, Mr. Nikita Floyd aka Nature Boy,  WOL 1450 Newstalk Radio kept the humor going as well as answered a few questions on the bus to captivate our attention.  Mr. Floyd also shared his shopping adventure with us as our day ended.

I represented The Garden Coalition as the Capitol Heights Community Garden welcomed Spring.  I spoke on Garden Basics and shared a few hints and tips with the gardening community. What a wonderful morning that was.  To share my love of gardening and spark a conversation on how and why we garden was such a treat.  The participants thoroughly enjoyed this demonstration and discussion.One man was very specific in what he wanted to grow, another guest was certainly a seasoned gardener and one guest was simply not into bugs as part of the garden.  A wonderful mix of participants but they all left with a smile.

We hosted our first in a series of Garden Conversations.  Our featured guests were:

Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine and local Garden Guru.  Ms. Jentz spoke on Deer and other Critters in the Garden.  What awesome info she shared on this topic....lots of things we did not know. We certainly hope to have her back one day soon!

Mrs. Deborah Weller from the Department of Environmental Resources, Community Outreach Program.  Mrs. Weller informed us of several programs that are offered through Prince Georges County from Tree Releaf to Permeable Pavers.  I am observing as one of my neighbors is currently having this system installed as a driveway.  How exciting!!  We are continuing the conversation with Mrs. Weller to revisit with us and    guide us as fall is tree planting season....and we do have some ideas!

Mr. Nikita Floyd (Nature Boy, WOL 1450 Talk Radio) spoke to us on lawn care and fertilization. We found his discussion informative and humorous as well.  I look forward to him interacting with us in our community on some level.

Our latest accomplishment was the installation of plant material to show that we care about the appearance of OUR Municipal Center in District Heights.  We wanted to bring life and color to the forefront by way of a xeric planting.  This would not only bring the bees and butterfly's, but educate community members on how using some native plant material along with basic shrubbery and annuals can be beautiful and welcoming!

We are just gearing up, growing and welcoming new friends and neighbors.  We generally meet the second Monday of the month, 7:00 PM in the Computer Lab at the Municipal Center.  Come on by and check us out.   We would love to outgrow our meeting space, take ownership in certain beautification efforts and make the corridors leading to the City of District Heights City BEAUTIFUL!!

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