Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Subliminal signals our gardens share with us

Transition is the buzzword for this time of the year. Back to school, end of summer clearance in most stores, I noticed the the Lowe's ear me has begun moving the remaining plant material to the front of the nursery yard and YES, I have seen Halloween items creeping into the stores.  Enough already, I am trying to grasp why there are leaves on the ground, crunchy, big brown leaves that cause me to look up and notice yellowing leaves hanging on the trees above.

I do not remember leaves in such abundance on the ground this time last year...but this has been a different kind of summer, following a very different kind of winter. I have noticed a few things this year in my garden as I walk through and wonder where in the world do I start.  I have had one too many projects in the garden this year, so actually planting for enjoyment and pausing to actually see the fruits of my labor - well, let's just say it was not in the cards.

All was not lost however, some of the plants in my garden are screaming look at me, I am still here and looking great just for you....perennials, plant material one can usually count on!

Sedum Autumn Joy and Brilliance are just pausing to start the color parade as the nights get cooler and days stay warm.....

Hosta Francis Williams.....she makes beauty effortless as she flanks the sidewalk leading to my porch...

Hosta "Patriot" along with his friends Heuchera " Molten Lava", Japanese Painted Fern and a touch of vinca minor soften the walkway leading to my "large project" in the rear (details to follow).  Each of these plants have survived yet another year of me not watering, compost in the Spring under a light dressing of mulch ad allowing Mother Nature to water when she felt like it.  

By watching and sometimes listening to the subliminal messages that our gardens share with us, we can plan for the next season. My next season is already here.  I am planning on using as much Heirloom Kale and Chard in my containers accented by seasonal annuals like Pansies and Johnny Jump Up's. I can make my fall/winter garden an edible delight!! I am ordering my garlic from a reliable resource, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, where Ira Wallace is sure to send me the best garlic and shallots for my small garden.

Listen to your surroundings and your garden today.  Find out what it is sharing with you.  It might be telling you that you need more transitional color - before the mums start blooming.  It might be telling you that next year one more sowing of annual seeds for cutting is in order.  There are many things that our gardens share with us....but we have to unbusy ourselves and listen.......listen....and observe....... 

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