Monday, September 15, 2014

PAUL......all is now right with the world...

After a whirlwind weekend picking Kale, raspberries and grapes....and enjoying nature, I was happily surprised to find that Paul opened today. 

What is Paul?  It was my favorite establishment  for a quick bite while visiting Paris.  Not a day went by that I did not enjoy watching the inner workings of the kitchen with rows and rows of delectable french pastries tempting my palette.   I would sit outside and patiently wait for my quiche and salad.  Sometimes I would stand and eagerly consider what I would carry out to enjoy at the Tuilleries to snack on as I people watched.

Well, I am home and PAUL is right across the street from my office.  As I sit here and enjoy a quiet personal grand opening....I am so glad PAUL is close by.


  1. Such a great lunch to remind me of the importance of travel and savoring the memories......

  2. I love this place! It's close to my old office. YUM!


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