Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sedum - Silent Princess of the Fall Garden - YOU CAN GROW THAT!

Silently in the garden there is a perennial that requires minimal attention, drought tolerant, full to partial sun (depending on the cultivar) and is rather dependable - Sedum sits and politely waits it's turn to be the Princess of the Fall garden.

A butterfly magnet and a a perennial with many faces, Sedums can range from 1 - 3 inches in height to 18- 24 inches depending on the cultivar. From ground covers to upright forms, as long as proper drainage is given, Sedum can be a dependable long lived plant in the garden.  In wet summers, sometimes rotting may occur and occasionally slugs and snails might prove to be a little pesky - but overall Sedum is relatively pest and disease free. If you remember to not plant it too deep and not allow the mulch to touch the stem, the autumn reward is fantastic.

Some of the more common cultivars are Autumn Joy, Neon, Vera Jameson, Acre, Frosty Morn (one of my favorites) and of course Sieboldii (the form of this one is simply beautiful!) One good point to remember, the upright forms appreciate a little dividing every couple of years in order to maintain their beauty and form.

Sedum is a great container plant and draped over walls or slopes can certainly make a statement. A terrific companion to ornamental grasses and other late blooming perennials - this plant is like a silent film star, quietly growing in the heat of the summer garden, as she waits to strut her stuff as the season changes


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  1. Teri, these are beautiful - this is what I should plant in my little lake garden.


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