Monday, February 7, 2011

A gift in the midst of winter

(Operator error prohibited Saturday's blog from getting posted on time.  I do apologize...however, today is another day.)

Superbowl to some means eating junk food, guzzling their choice of beverages and of course watching the my world......NOT HAPPENING!!  I admit, I did actually watch the game...AFTER I delved into my passion.

Driving home from a very successful road trip to the mountains of Virginia, taking awesome pictures, communing with the wildlife and absorbing the essence of a beautiful, serene and natural setting along a babbling brook, I found myself thinking of winter's gifts.  How many folks seize the opportunity to just go into the garden and pause?  If one were to take this opportunity, the surprise would be in what you could find right under your nose...or under fallen leaves. 

I could hardly wait to drop my bags in the house upon my return and go quietly in my garden.  I gently removed the final oak leaves from a bed of Epimedium and Hellebore's.  I noticed how tattered and blotchy the older leaves were and how a fluorescent green bulge was unfurling where the leaves met the soil.  As I leaned into the flowerbed to gingerly see what else was in store, I noticed little green seedlings breathing a sign of relief.  They seemed to say  "Thank you for taking the time to reach in and lovingly remove the fallen leaves".  To give a little seedling the opportunity to thrive was like a touchdown.  I successfully provided a winning environment for these little troopers to sprout and grow.

I feel like a winner having observed this gift, in the midst winter on a warm Super Bowl afternoon.  What have you uncovered in your garden....have you ventured outside to pause and plan????  Try it.........I made time to order Heirloom Helianthus maximiliani or Maximilian Sunflower...........what about you??

Lots of garden events,of note this week....I will post them on Wednesday.........


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