Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for Spring

Well I have not been timely in posting to this blog..... this just goes to show you that when the world moves too fast, go into the garden..........

I know this and have lived by this phrase for many years.  I ventured into a lovely garden last weekend for a simple Spring clean up.  I learned quite a bit while mentally escaping the realities of life as well as focusing on my craft.  Magnolia's did not fare well with the last winter snow. The weight of the snow broke large hunks out of the canopy of these magnificent evergreen ladies.  I would not plant this tree close to a house.  Also check your mature trees.  If you look up, you can see many branches that are dead or are crossing and rubbing together.  Call a Certified Arborist to take care of this problem.  If the tree is small and you can "get into" it, by all means take care of these issues before the tree gets bigger.  Some issues can be addressed in young tree's and easier to handle as well.

Got Shrubs???  If you see any dead, dying or unhealthy branches, prune them off and discard in the trash.   Do not compost diseased plant material. 

Well, this is just for starters.more to come ........however in the meantime, go into the garden.......

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