Monday, August 8, 2011

Paris.....on my mind

Yes it is hot, I have not been to  garden center in a month or so it seems and the economy is awful....but I am dreaming and planning my trip to Paris.  I once heard years ago a phrase "when the world moves too fast, go into the garden"..not sure where I heard this but it is a phrase that is etched in my heart.  

I am in the process of uploading photo's from my phone from my last trip to South Carolina, last August's trip to Denver and other garden related adventures.  I was inspired when I figured out that I will need to figure out how to do this prior to going to Paris.  When it is hot outside, you can find time to do the things you plan in doing in a rainy or snowy day.  I have even started to organize my basement office (will wonders ever cease)...of course this is slow going since every book down there is garden I have to read them...or at least briefly peruse them. 

So Secret Gardens of Paris is what I am reading along with The Help...this will prove to be a challenging week trying to squeeze in sleep between these two books as I anticipate cooler I can go back into the garden.  To be cont.....

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