Friday, November 25, 2011

On the way to the adventure


So I took a nap on the plane ride from DCA to Montreal.  I am a bit refreshed.  I just had a terrific pure Canadian burger with fries and an awesome glass of red wine....ahhhhh, what a needed sip of happiness!!!  Now I can focus on the journey....after I take another long rest on the second leg of this flight.  As I sit here with my earplugs in listening to some Brian McKnight...chilling....I have so far escaped letting on that I do not know French.  I just smile and scurry off quickly!!!  Think I will have a Keiko Matsui moment.

I have to share that the sunset with the planes landing was simply a sight to behold.  I am calm, I am relaxed and I am waiting for this adventure to lands unknown and historic awesome gardens visited.  I have the opportunity to aid in the design of a garden for a private homeowner while in Paris.  To utilize my craft and my skill while on vacation to beautify a garden on the other side of the world is certainly an honor.  Now to see if I know anyone in Dubai (LOVL) that needs a consultation........a girl can dream, right??

Two more hours to sit here and people watch, chill and vacate...........I am certainly having the time of my life, so far.......

Peace my friends...back at ya when I land.  If  I could, I would stand on the benches and start doing my happy dance......this is so exciting!!!

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