Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paris ......I have arrived.......

I need to backtrack a bit because whatever I typed in my dilusional state due to lack of sleep in Canada did not quite make it to the blog.  So if it is out there in the blogishere, please send it back Blogger spirits.
All was fine in the departure from DCA to Canada...yes I chickened out going to the botanical gardens, but I will check it out on my return.....I have another layover there and will do the research prior to leaving Paris.....I honestly could have (hope that I did not) danced on the seats in Gate 55 at the airport in Montreal.  I did go to this restaurant and had the most delicious pure beef hamburger and awesome fries as well as a beautiful deep red wine, that lulled me into a sense of quiet confidence...I ws singing to my IPod....reading my Tips for Tourists in quiet I had to the clock was this where flight 807 is boarding?  I was told oh no....that would be Gate 53..   You bet I woke up then!!!  Made it to the plane and settled in my seat and then breathed...I was finally off to Paris.

All the guide books say DO NOT GO TO SLEEP....KEEP MOVING!!!  So I did, I went to get a chicken (precooked on the rotiserrie in the window of the butcher shop), a package of Risotto with mushrooms and two bottles of wine, bread (oh so flaky)....and some formage with raisins embedded in it.  Awesome, I tell you awesome.  I strolled back and felt the need to keep I did.  I picked up some fresh cut white roses (huge half opened buds,,,,perfection) and a few stems of tuberose (oh so fragrant) to put beside my bed,  I then went in the opposite direction and found another little store and got some squash, butter and an onion, coffee, creamer, sugar and some delicious rum raisin mini muffins.  I headed back to the apartment.  By the time I returned to the apartment, I sat down to enjoy a glass of wine and  finally get my bearings...that is when I finaly passed be cont......ah day 1 in the City of Lights!!!

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