Monday, November 28, 2011

I think it is Monday

So I must be having a fantabulous time.  I have no clue what day it is, what time it is nor do I care.  Paris weather lends to total relaxation and time loss.  I have to say, I cannot go one city block without seeing a flower shop.   WAKE UP AMERICA......Parisians get it.  Simple cut flowers can make your day.  It is killing me to not pick up a bouquet a day.  The white roses I bought with the huge buds have been opening more and more everyday and I stare at them while having my coffe in the morning. 

While I am still using the universal language (bon jour, smile broadly and have a blank look), I am still finding the people here to be helpful and understanding.  I found a vintage store around the corner with Chanel, Versace,and other leading designer items in the window.  I will go inside on Wednesday to see just how much the pearls will set me back. (I saved to spend on one item for me not to eat Parisian food - LOL) Coco Chanel has been a icon to me since I was a teenager wanting to be a famous fashion designer like her.  I will visit her house tomorrow around the corner from Tuileries and that will most certainly be my second meltdown.

The first meltdown happened tonight when I wandered down the street and just kept walking.  I saw a very unassuming bridge and as I started to walk across it, I saw her - the dream  THE EIFFEL TOWER LIT UP JUST FOR ME!!!  I am glad that there were no observers, because I really just lost it!!!  I crossed over the Siene River on the over pass and started walking towards it and then I realized it was a bit farther than I thought.  So I crossed back over another bridge and headed back to my apartment.  I am certain that I  emmitted a glow because I had just seen what I have longed to see since I was 16 - talk about a dream delayed - but not deferred!!

As somoene shared with me recently, stop saying "I WISH" and say "I WILL".  I did this in the Spring of this year and I am so glad I did.  I said this will be the year I go to Paris..........and here I am....for real!!!

Tomorrow 3 hour River Tour, then gardening with Ricki Stevens of Black Paris Tours for a more down to earth experience so to speak :) be cont.....

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