Thursday, December 1, 2011

I digress.........back to today

Yesterday, my birthday, I walked and walked and walked some more.  After I got my pearls (of course).....yes I went and did the unthinkable and got them.  I owe this to me. While at Paint Branch Senior High School, I imagined that I was a protege of Coco Chanel.  I wore my Mom's pearls and she had a little black ponte knit dress....that I wore at least once a week, when I did not wear something that I had made myself.  I was Coco Chanel in Burtonsville, Md....or so I thought.  So I had to get the pearls from the vintage store around the corner, a mixed strand of vintage pearls.  I was in heaven....and then I kept walking......for 6 hours I walked around Paris, stopped by little coffee shops and just enjoyed this wonderful day of reflection on 53 years.  Marriage, children, dogs and divorce.  Buying my home, sending daughter off to college, welcoming two adorable grandsons, my oldest daughter working on her Criminal Justice degree and my love of my life, my Rottie, Aminia (I miss her immensely) all of these things have made me who I am today.  I have relaxed more on this journey than I have in 8 years of singledom.  What a terrific reason to jump start the next Chapter...I am fulfilled, I am Blessed and I am HAPPY!!!  ( I tend to share more while listening to Keiko Matsui...)

MAOH had not been here, but knew a little French, so I said come on over and she did.  Thank you my friend for joining me on this trip of a lifetime/delayed dream trip.  Tomorrow we will be touring Sacre Cour, Montmarre and the Louvre (special must sees only). 

Today I was on a mission for fabrics and trims for items that I can design to make this journey a special memory.  So off to the Anvers Metro we went, after the visitors center, the post office and a delightful lunch of an omelet with a small salad and a sprinkling of french fries. How I wished I had my hot sauce with me......but I did not ask for ketchup and I was not going to put Mayo on  my fries (DISGUSTING).  Anvers Metro....think Chinatown, with more characters lining the streets with items to sell and shops crammed packed with things NOT from the fashion district (trust me on this)....BUT on the streets at the base of the Sacre Cour was The Store - Marche Saint Pierre (a very old well known fabric house) and Coupons (3 meters for 5 Euros -another fabric house of note)...not to mention La Mercerie (notions, notions and more notions).  Heaven was at the base of Sacre Cour at least for that moment.  I could spend another whole day in the fabric district.  It is said that Napoleon rubbed shoulders with peasants, Africans, other Immigrants and dressmakers in this district.  I could see this clearly.  I promised myself that one day I WILL return and spend the day in this awesome fabric district and support the Fashion Industry.  I cannot wait to get to my sewing machine in America!!!!

Tomorrow... a change of residence to the Alhambra Hotel, a tour and to STARBUCKS (yep found a Starbucks near the Hotel - yippee)....and to explore a few gardens along the way......

Awesome little apartment in the Englis de Atelier.  Thank you Berta and Company for allowing me to spend my birthday adventure in a little Parisian apartment across from the #10 Metro in such an awesome walkable neighborhood.  Thank you!!

To be cont........................(Versailles on Saturday, Luxembourg Gardens, Musee D'Orsay and Musee Rodin on Sunday.  I cannot wait!!!   I love Rodin's art in the garden!!!)

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