Monday, December 5, 2011

Last two days in Paris

So I have not written in two days as I did not want to b rude to my travel partner.  I am finding that when I write I need to be at peace and have the opportunity to quietly reflect on the days events.  I am at the airport waiting for the connecting flight and therefore, I have time to reflect on the journey.

First a recap of the last two days.  The Tour to Versailles was awesome.  Touring the house and the brief tour of the grounds in the rain was a real eye opener.  The house was filled with historical items and lots of bling....I do mean lots of bling.  Which was quite ironic because the gardens were orderly, well planned and quite thought provoking.  Each of the parterres that I saw allowed one to envision what the King of the times actually saw when he looked out over his estate.  I can only imagine that the gardeners who worked on the estate took great pride n their workmanship.  From the fountains to the packed earth walkways to the cobbled area that greeted you when you entered the official gates to Versailles, one could only imagine the seasonal displays of beauty, provided by this well organized garden. 

As I looked through a few of the shrubs that lined the walls dividing the upper tier from the lower tier, I wish those shrubs could talk and share the history that had unfolded before their limbs.    The upper tier had boxwood trimmed to make a neat green living border.  The green "lawn" mixture around one of the fountains was not simply grass, but a mix of low growing green, drought tolerant species that I am sure was easy to maintain.  After all, a public garden such as this would have to be maintained in an efficient, but cost effective manner.  Several of the larger statues were covered up to protect them from aging more rapidly from exposure to the elements.   I will share photos after I get home.   This was the perfect way to end a Saturday in Paris....

Dinner was at a Sushi was awesome as well..but my notes are in my I will have to recap on this one. 

Tomorrow ....Free Paris Tours........

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