Friday, December 2, 2011

You have got to check out the circus

We asked at the desk of our hotel L'Hotel ALHAMBRA where was a good small place to eat.  Moad suggested that we go to Cellar, right around the corner.  We walked probably a minute or two and we were there.    We were greeted by Christian and Sammy - who quickly figured out that we were American and that is when the fun began.  Christian had a wonderfully happy personality and attempted to guide us through the menu...what he could not explain, Sammy did as much as he could.  We had such an awesome meal.  I had scallops with mushrooms and a potato terrine in the middle with a very light sauce.  MAOH had salt cured Salmon with a basil ice cram like side (yep with the meal) that Christina had to remind her to eat with the Salmon not after - Americans!!!  Great wine - a Chardonnay -and then a trio of delectable cakes and cream neatly displayed and simply awesome.  A little man who was dressed to the nines sat at the next table and began to share with us the famous Americans that he had known over the years.  He had zeroed in on MAOH and finally someone translated what he was asking us to do.  He was the infamous 'Emilien BOUGLIONE of the BOUGLIONE CIRQUE DHIVER DE PARIS.  He wanted us to be his guests at his circus across the street.  Once we were told that he expressed to the translator" I want to do this for two people who I might never see again" - this speaks volume to me!!!  Life is all about making memories and exciting life experiences.    So we went across the street, following this well dressed little old man through a back door where he was embraced by everyone who crossed his path as we made our way through the entertainers.  What an honor to be invited by this wonderful gentleman into his world.  It was really a circus - up front and center and so close you could almost touch the entertainers.  We sat through the whole circus among the families with children who were oooing and ahhhing about the acts being performed in front of them.  I had no intention of going  to the circus while here in Paris....but I did and what an experience it was!!!!

Thank you to the Moad, Chrisian, Sammy, our translator and particularly to Mr. Bouglione - what a fun filled day this was!!!


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