Sunday, January 22, 2012

Appreciating good food and ambiance

I happened to go to my favorite antique shop in Sperryville Virginia this weekend. The plan was to go hiking in the lightly snow dusted woodlands. The Copper Fox has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile. Mrs.Sharp suggested that I try The Flint Hill Public House & Country Inn. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the service, the food and the setting. They have made many efforts to transform this country house into an example of how to be environmentally conscious and still be in the restaurant industry. With plans to utilize the surrounding acreage to enhance the meals served at the Inn, by growing assorted herbs and vegetables, you cannot help but be impressed by the forward thinking of the owners. Materials used in the renovation were carefully selected using renewable and sustainable products. How many places do you venture into that let you know they embrace low flush toilets and fixtures that are environmentally gentle to the environment. How cool is that?

So if you need an awesome place to eat in a perfectly serene setting, fine dining at it's best, head out to VIrginia, visit a few wineries - Gray Ghost just won awards in California for their dessert wine, Adieu and then go to the Inn before heading back home. I promise you that it is more than worth the drive........

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