Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's get it right........

I see this sign in many places and I know that the intent is good...but the thought behind it is not - at least in my opinion.  What is the sign you might ask.  It says WORK, LIFE, BALANCE....YEP IN THAT ORDER.

I know that in reality we must WORK in order to enjoy LIFE and that it should all BALANCE out.  In my world, we need to rethink this thought.  If we do not make time to enjoy LIFE, then we cannot BALANCE WORK and be of sound mine to perform our jobs to the best of our ability.  I am truly trying to practice making sound decisions as I age gracefully, so that I can garden longer.  If I am not fulfilled in my home life, then I cannot perform to the best of my ability in the workplace. 

Now that I have vented about this, I can ignore it and know for myself that some folks (in my opinion) have it all wrong!!  Come into my world people........it is not so bad in here :)!  Yes it is mostly nature in thought, but it is a relatively peaceful existence with those who are challenged to put three words in the right order.

Gotta go.........LIFE is calling...........

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