Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camellia' District Height's? Oh My!!

I have to share with you that I happily consider myself a Southern Woman.  I claim this because DC is considered the South to some, home to others like myself.  I am bringing this up because after  sharing my sentiments about the red Camellia's in my yard (that are simply BODACIOUSLY in bloom at the moment) - a very dear friend told me that EVERY Southern Woman has a bowl of Camellia blossoms in her home at one time or another.  Guess I was raised right!!!!! 

Now about those Camellias in my yard.  When I first purchased my home, I wanted a living fence.  No chain link for me...too cold and generic for my taste.  I dreamt of a evergreen backdrop to highlight anything that I chose to plant in front of it.  As you know, when you have a evergreen backdrop, colors tend to POP and if you choose interesting evergreens, you could have color when you least expect it.  From different shades of green, to different kinds of green foliage to bursts of color from the Camellia blooms. 

Camellia - there are many cultivars, some bred specifically for the Washington area.  However, I just love to have Camellias in my garden, no matter the color, I just NEED Camellias.   Initially I always thought that there were only two types of Camellias.......this is so not true.  The American Camellia Society website ( sure breaks down all the you would want to know about Camellias and more. 

However, being the practical gardener that I am, honestly, I care that they work in my landscape and that I have the conditions that are right for as many as I want.  At the moment,, I have 16 and I have a lot and a half that I am working with do the math.  This means that I can have as many Camellia's that I want....I can have a longer living fence, I can have a green privacy wall that pops with color fall, winter or spring, I can create garden rooms with walls that pop with seasonal color...after all  it is all about the spoil, the conditions and what I want.  A few facts that I have found to be true:

1.   They do not like cold winds (tends to brown out the foliage causing their demise) and

2.    After the first year, they handle drought very well.  I did not find time to water my Camellias at all last year 
      and I only use organic fertilizer when I get around to it (my love for the Chesapeake Bay makes me think
      twice about fertilizing and I used to be an Organic Farmer for a CSA - knowledge is power) 

So, at the moment, I have chosen to have Camellias where ever I turn in my yard.  All summer long as they create the green canvas to allow other perennials and shrubs to shine, I dream of how they will bloom when it is their time to shine.  

Let me share with you some photos of my Camellia's and how they have welcomed Spring this year.   What a way to welcome in the first day of Spring!!

5 inches of pure bloom!!!

A beautiful living fence blocking the view of my neighbor's house....awesomeness!!!

Imagine doing garden clean up and raising your head to this beautiful camellia in bloom......
It is all about finding the beauty in all things,,,,,,

Happy Hellebores that just keep sharing the love by dropping seed and haveing babies galore!!!

My prized yellow berried Nandina that I dug up from my Fredericksburg of my favorite things...

Aminia after a day in the garden with Mom.....doesn't she look happy?  She only trampled one thing....whew!!

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