Saturday, March 3, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012.......I anxiously await the moments

I could not think of a better way to celebrate meteorological Spring than to spend the day in Philadelphia patiently awaiting day 1 of the Philadelphia Flower Show.  After joining the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for this year, I received two tickets for the flower show. I live in District Heights, Maryland, why one might ask would I join this fine organization ??  Well, I grew up visiting the gardens of Longwood and Winterthur with my family,  My Dad remembers designing a Victorian Garden display for the Smithsonian during his tenure there.   A large watering can with an intricate watering system to keep the installed plant material alive.  I remember wondering why they call Mahonia Oregon grape hollies???..Why did they call boxwoods, boxwoods when they were not at all shaped like a box??  I was quite inquisitive about why the hydrangeas were blue when he watered them with Miracid.  I remember that he thought I should be a girl...a lady and not play in the soil as I so desired.   I became passionate about nature and gardening and promised myself that I would garden with a passion when I became an adult.

(Photos from Nemours Historic Home and Gardens)

Well fast forward......I am now an adult and garden passionately for private homeowners, grow and eat organically and return my debris back to the land, as I consider myself a Steward of the Land.  Having had the experience of the beauty and grandeur of these wonderful historic homes and gardens I have sought out more places of note to visit.  Pennsylvania has more than just these two, of course. I took a small group to Chanticleer (A Pleasure Garden) and Nemours Mansion and Gardens last Fall.  I cannot share with you the beauty that beheld us while visiting Chanticleer.  What a terrific place to get awesome inspiration and information on what best practices are used throughout the garden.  The peace found while strolling through this garden is truly something that every gardener should experience at least certainly earns it's name as a pleasure garden.  Here are a few scenes from Chanticleer.....a tease for the must see....

Nemours requires a reservation for visiting.  This is another one of the DuPont Properties that has undergone renovation and is truly a hidden jewel.  Opulence, decadence and a terrific borrowed view of a landscape that quietly says Welcome in  a serene and orderly manner.  I have visited several of the DuPont properties (known and under known) including the Hagley Museum and grounds and I have to share that the selection and siting of the DuPont Homes and Properties focused on well as functionality. 

Knowing that the PHS offers a Reciprocal Admissions Program, Library Services to enhance the knowledge of gardening, garden visits and so much could I not join??

Hey Dad............I am about to start another season of playing in the soil!!!

              I can read his mind..can't you?

Here's to 2012 and another year of gardening........passionately!!

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