Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Late summer color

As I was strolling through my garden and noticed that some things are just blooming and sprouting earlier than usual, it occurred to me....what about color in the garden in late summer? We ofttimes forget about late summer blooms or we think of mums. My dad loves his mums....and has them everywhere. If you have some that survived from last winter and notice buds,cut them back by half now. If they grow and bud again before mid July, feel free to cut them back again. You will be rewarded with a sturdy, bud-alicious plant that will bloom at the right time.

However I am sowing seeds of zinnia, cosmos, celosia and other heat tolerant seeds that I can find in my stash as soon as possible so that I can have as colorful a garden in September as I have now. I will also look at the garden centers for perennials that are underused, perhaps unknown late bloomers. There is nothing more exciting than returning from vacation (or coming home from work) and rediscovering your garden.....especially when it is offering something new and exciting. For me this is daily...I am obsessed with the garden and all things growing and beautiful....and drought tolerant.

I have to suggest that all gardeners support your small garden center. You know the one that is usually a mom and pop center.....the one that the old timers go to? We grew up getting plants from Fehrs in Burtonsville, Maryland. They have begonias that are gorgeous and beautiful hydrangeas that are in need of a home and other items as well. While I resisted another hydrangea (although I might go back and purchase one or two)...I did pick up the prettiest Begonias and noticed their perennial area as well. I tend to get sidetracked when I am there....usually with my garden buddy, my dad.

Help the local economy.....buy a new plant...and watch it grow. They also have seeds.

Just a suggestion for the day. Til next time...

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