Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh what a fantabulous day in local gardens of note......

I started out this weekend looking forward to today.  I spent time with my Dad and delighted him with a much talked about fragrant purple lLantana that he "guessed" he could find pots me he can.  He took those plants like they were rare gold.  I obtained these for him from the National Arboretum Plant Sale.  It is OK....because he is my Dad and TRUST me.....he earned them...just by being my Dad and dealing with me during the disco years.  (Gonna miss you Donna Summers.....Last Dance......)  I remember tipping up the driveway....humming this tune,,,later than I should have EVER been coming home.,,,but coming home to the wonderful gardens surrounding the house we lived in.  However, this was just the beginning of my weekend. 

I had to venture to my Little Piece of Heaven and check on things and also to see what Springtime Gardens in Front Royal had to offer.  There are some places that are just ritual at this time of the year...Springtime Garden Center is one of those places.  I just had to have the Pink Flamingos that were lurking throughout the healthy plant material.  I pulled the flats of the plant material I wanted and this kind lady who worked there said "Let me get you a wagon"......I thought how nice,  When she found me a wagon, she used that same kind voice to say "The rule is that you must fill it up"...oh well......I had to be obedient and it was so easy to do with all the plant material that was available.  I LOVE ME SOME SPRING...and especially at Springtime Garden Center!!!  Yes I did check on and actually worked on fine tuning some weed eviction's, future planning for planting, etc.....but for once, even this was not what I was anticipating for the weekend. I know...strange but true.

I headed back up the road at the crack of dawn, after admiring the view of the mist rising above the small lake on a neighboring property...a wonderful borrowed well as the mountains disrobing from the sheer grey veils, they donned the night before.  Aminia, worlds prettiest rottweiler was ready for a cool ride home in  her portable castle...I am certain she enjoyed the view!!

It was today that I patiently waited and looked forward to.  Today was the day for the guided tours of the grounds at Tudor House, Dumbarton Oaks and Dumbarton Park......all for FREE.  I went to Paris to see beautiful gardens in their nakedness of winter and we have beautiful gardens right here at home.....imagine that???

Enjoy these views of the Virginia countryside while I catch my breath, gather my thoughts and select a few photos to share with you.  Today was an awesome day.

To Be Continued.........

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