Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life Gardening in the Bahamas.....

I do not know how to swim. I freely admit this. Although I just made a commitment to myself to find a class and learn within the next six months. Just another one of those perennial weeds from my Life Garden. However I did have a transforming moment while in the wonderfully clear water.

While married, we would take my daughters to the beach in Lewes, De. I would sit on the edge of the water and never even thinking about getting I the water all the way. In fact, the only time I ever did was while holding onto dear life on the arms of my ex-husband.  Afterall should a big wave come, he could save me from drowning. That was then........

Everything must change and with change comes new and different challenges and experiences... Just like in the garden, sometimes that plant that you just KNOW will be the hit of the season just fails miserably. Well, I have been flirting at how far into these waters would I be willing to go? This time , I do not have those broad shoulders to catch me should that big wave come. This time I had to rely on a whole lot of Faith and lil ole me. This time I did not flirt on the edge...I went into the Ocean so far, the water graced my face, this time I stood tall in the clear blue water......just me.  While testing my Faith, I did not fall or drown....nor was I scared.

God surely protects fools and babies and he certainly protects those who ignore the bigger than life weeds in their Life Gardens and plant positive perennials that will be present in their lives in the future. Check out your weeds in your Life Gardens and just step out on Faith as you eradicate them. You are stronger than you think!

Gee.....what will I learn next................................

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