Friday, February 15, 2013

Fresh thoughts....

Sometimes we as a society move to fast. Not always out of necessity, but just because. I am guilty of this myself, however, we can also choose to maintain or slow it down. I was running a tad behind this morning due to having too much fun at an event. 

As I departed my house, I had to pause.....moving to fast, I told myself. I noticed my tree peony's that I moved from Fredericksburg were waving their red torches in proud form. This , I know is a sure sign of seasons changing. I took a little more time and glanced to the right and noticed a shadowing of red as well. Only this time it was on the Japanese Maple that reigns Queen in my shade garden.

The daffodils are popping, why I even saw crocuses in bloom. I imagine that this weekend,  I will find more time to stroll through my garden amidst its winter nakedness,  I will find more signs of change and embrace the beauty in all the earth, no matter the season. is a good thing and a necessary part of life!

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