Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rebirthing .........

I was visiting a site Thursday on the way to doctor. I knew that renovations were taking place and that a clean up was in order. Seeing a naked palette is such a treat to me. I love to sit quietly and immerse myself into the essence of the soil, any plant material and the aura of the space/site.

As I was walking along the fence line, I noticed a familiar shade of yellow .....It was a small group of crocus peeking through the leaves and debris. I also noticed the familiar red of rose tips swelling along the seductively entwined branches. It was a sign to me that no matter how poor the soil, the abundance of debris or how badly pruned the old rose was.......there is still life in this empty, naked piece of the earth. Ah....a local piece of the earth to cultivate and embrace....I can't wait!

I imagine an awesome xeric landscape that will bring seasonal color, beauty, even if there are no blooms and movement. I liken this opportunity to breathing life into that little piece of the earth. The yellow crocus have started this new adventure by standing tall despite trampling feet, unsure weather and absolute neglect. I will organically enhance the soil, carve out beds and I stalk the local garden centers for fresh plant material.

When I am done, another labor of love will have been created. I can't wait!

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