Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yearning for the change in seasons..........

I know to some I am now whining about how I seriously anticipate Spring.  I was doing good until I went to the Washington Gardener Seed Swap at GreenSpring Gardens in Alexandria.  I fell off the wagon while I was there - even though I got there  rather late.  I had the opportunity to get some free seeds (of course I got perennials and natives) and I even won some pot holders to put on the blank wall space at the rear of my house (YIPPEE).  While those things were very cool and exciting, the real prize was spending a little bit of time with fellow gardeners - as well as Kathy Jentz - and finding some place local and new o me with awesome gardens.

Now I know that GreenSpring Gardens has been around for some time, but to me it is a new place that I will definitely be visiting again and again.  As a part time Landscape Gardener, I am on the road quite a bit.  As I have gotten more and more outstanding (not older) I have found out that I am enchanted with all that I have missed while traveling the countryside to explore and cultivate new and different places to garden.  I have made a commitment to myself to re-discover the gardens of  DC, my hometown and place that I love.  So in keeping with that commitment to self, I knew that I would make it to Green Spring Gardens...unless it snowed.  It did not snow until I was about to leave the gardens and honestly, it was hard to leave!!  I only had enough time to take a few photos and embrace just the tip of what this enchanting place has to offer. 

When I ran on the walkway to get to the seed swap, I saw something that I had not seen since leaving Fredericksburg.....winter Aconite!!!  I simply adore this wonderful winter jewel and have not really seen it in local gardens....however once again...I am a road warrior, a roving gardener so to speak.  It looked as though a child had been playing with yellow marbles that froze into place in this particular bed.  Absolutely awesome to say the least.

One of the other points of interest in the garden - other than the obvious rock garden that graces the middle of the round driveway - were the hypertufa planters that had been strategically placed in front of the building.  It made me wonder....what will they plant in these creative vessels, something trailing, something bright, something that will change seasonally...or were they already planted and just waiting to reveal new growth when the season changes???  Oh just imagining the possibilities gives me goosebumps!!!

As I walked to my truck, Ms. Red, I could not help but notice all the swelling buds...from the Hellebore's to the Viburnum to the Hydrangea (one of my favorite plants)...I imagined these plants talking to me and saying "Teri , we can't wait to see you in the Spring and Summer when we can really tell you some tales about this place and strut our stuff!!"   Here are some mid winter photos of the Gardens at GreenSpring, in it's mid winter nakedness.  Let your imagination flow......



As I got in Ms. Red, I yearned to be here on the day the first hydrangea bloom opens, the first day the Hellebore actually bursts into bloom....the day the other perennials I just know are under the surface, share their beauty with the rest of us.  Alas, I will most likely be indoors at work, dreaming of what is going on in the garden and yearning to be outside, enjoying the splendors that mother Nature gifts us each and every Spring.............

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