Saturday, March 23, 2013

New way to garden.....or an innovtive idea

I recently read an article about gardening in a new light.  Straw Bale gardening was what it was called.  I think I will try this method this year to see exactly how it will work and how the food grown within will taste.  Look up straw bale gardening and try something new.   I have used straw to mulch when  was an organic farmer in Fredericksburg, but never thought to grow in it would be such a novel idea. I am a  bit concerned about the rodent issue, but then again chipmunks, field mice and squirrels are already a part of our current environment so......................I am just saying....give it a whirl!!!

I love trying new things in the garden.  At least those things that are new to me. A new cultivar of tomato, a new pepper or a new plant.  There are a lot of new introductions this year in both realms.  Last year I tried some Heirlom tomatoes that did not do well - perhaps it was the heat, or the soil.....or just the irregular weather as it was chilly when I planted them.  Nevertheless, this year I have my wall-o-water that I will put around the young seedlings to protect them and add a little planters insurance for a successful crop of tomato's and peppers.  I think today I will start my potatoes in their grow bags....I just had to get the ble potato's........just because!

One thing I will be trying are dahlia's from Swan Island Dahlia's.  I have ordered seed from them and tubers of course, so I am excited.  I also plan on going down to Charlottesville to pick up some Dahlias from an old Dahlia farmer that is at the farmers market.  I know, a long way to go, but there is almost nothing better than a drive down south on a spring Saturday!!!  Well maybe a fall Saturday...but that is a whole different season. to start some seeds...what I will do with them, I am not sure, but I believe in planting in abundance...and worrying about that later!!


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