Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday morning snow madness.....or not......

So I took my time leaving the house today.  It was as if the sugar fairy was in the sky sprinkling heavy wet clumps of sugar over District Heights.  I had a really hard time  pulling myself away from the windows overlooking my gardens that were capped by snow. 

I have to say, snow makes an excellent case for planting a few well chosen evergreens for your garden.  Every time it snows, as I drive through our community the Evergreens just pop.  The snow caps their limbs, identifies their leaf patterns and visually allows them to stand out in any yard that I pass by.  In the summer months, most evergreens fade into the background of the garden, unless they are a focal point.  You could consider almost any tree, a part of the skeleton or bones of the garden. 

Speaking of the bones of the garden, some of our deciduous trees are also an architectural vision of delight.  The snow graces the branches of these statuesque beauties along our streets and when the lighting is just right, everything just glows!!!

Another horticultural gift that shows off when it snow's are the ornamental grasses.  We should have cut all of them back by mid March, but if you have not gotten around to this, wait until tonight.  The plumes or seed pods that are still lingering on will freeze and become little frozen fountains of grass before morning!!!

I will share some photo's from the community garden in District Heights. It is like a candy land of spun sugar, lacing our yards as we patiently await a different sign of Spring.......Enjoy the moment and enjoy life!!

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