Monday, April 15, 2013

Earth Day is almost here....and April is fleeting fast....

April 15th means different things to me it means where in the world has Spring just got  here!!!!!  Yep did the tax thing, started at least my basil, I received my Hydrangeas from Bluestone Perennials and now, I am ready to get in the garden.  Yet I realized that it is April 15th and most folks are not even thinking about the garden....sad, but true.

I am demonstrating container gardening in the Fiesta Gardens in District Heights, Maryland.  It will be our first Earth Day celebration in our Community Garden.  I am thrilled for this event and the distraction that it provides in spite of all that is going on in the world.  (My heart, love and prayers go out to the people in Boston and the Marathon participant's/onlookers)  It is events like this that make me go further into my world of gardening. It is positive in my gardening world, peaceful, full of love and positive expectations.  It is not perfect mind you -drought, insects and time can be brutal for a gardener.....but in the long run, the garden is a restful place that, for most gardeners, provides peace  to the spirit and the soul. 

So I ask - what does Earth Day mean to you and your community???  We are having a host of activities for the District Heights Community young people and adults alike on this day of celebrating our Earth.  Have a few garden tools that you no longer want or need???  Bring them to our tool upcycle bin...we would love to have them.  Want to learn about houseplants and their care?...composting? to start a vegetable garden? creative can you be with a container garden?... how does a rain barrel work?.....these topics and more will be discussed from 12 - 4 this Saturday. 

In the meantime.....Spring...can you stay a bit longer.........we still have garden clean up to finish.....(I did secretly pus the envelope and planted a tomato, carrots, cosmos and a pepper  in my plot....details later)

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