Monday, April 15, 2013

Did someone say let the blooms begin????

Well, the Cherry blossoms have finally begun to they will not have to change the date for optimal viewing again this year, as they have seriously begun to show off.  I am a native Washingtonian - proudly.  I do drive past the Cherry blossoms, however, when I bought my house, I also wanted to make certain that I had my own seasonal festival in my own back yard.  I love the tourists, however, it bothers me that sometimes, they do not respect what we see as something that needs to be our trees.  One can read about the history of this wonderful gift most anywhere, however I just enjoy the feel of the bark, the daintiness of the bloom and the afterglow s they drop like confetti on the ground below.  Having witnessed this as a child, I likened the after glow as a bloom busting party after they have danced in the wind on the trees.  My dad would ofttimes take us down to walk amongst these trees.... memory that will always come to mind at this time of the year.  Thank you Daddy.....

This morning, I thought to myself, I wonder if my trees have started their dance yet??  I have been busy cleaning up the front  yard and have not yet moved to the rear.  Well lo and behold...the tree on the right side of my house was just waking up.  The Star Magnolia with it's strappy leaved blooms are waving at me through the window, the Camellia's - dressed in the power color RED are just blooming their heads off!!! Ah such a beautiful sight to see all with a backdrop of the awesome Yoshino Cherry tree's !!  My own personal Spring festival.  I look forward to this every year.  It is the preamble to the awakening of the peony festival in my very own front yard. 


Just a few photos to share my little piece of this Beautiful Earth.  As soon as I mulch,  I can show off some rather healthy looking peonies, growing onward and upward, as they wait their turn to party!!

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