Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Garden - Friends and Memories

Wow what a beautiful day.  Not just a beautiful day, but a fantabulous one.  As I left for work this morning and had to leave the Cottage I truly had an emotional moment.  Looking at the beauty that surrounds me, I was reminded of how important friends are and the importance of sincere friendship.  Friends can be people, animals and even plants.  My peer group encompasses all of these.

A girlfriend sent me a truly great email that actually spoke of true friendship, another has been trying to catch up with me to catch up on life and our pursuit of just being a woman in the 2013's.  Another girlfriend wanted me to show her how to achieve a "Life" with three young children in tow, a husband,  a fulltime job and long term commitments ...friends like these have repeatedly shown that we need each other.  An unexpected pleasure also came from a co-worker who remembered that it was Administrative Assistants week and  surprised me with a batch of caramel from CoCo Sala....yummy.....cultivating friendships.....

Aminia, world's prettiest Rottweiler has achy joints as she is big for her age.  Even though I know she might be a tad uncomfortable, she still wants to take the longer walk, play tug of war with her leash and actually ran interference today as I bent over to tie my shoes - it is her way of knocking me to the ground to make giving me doggy kisses on my check, a little more on her level....once again, with a dog who loves me like this who needs enemies???

Finally there are my garden friends...the plants that I have invited into my garden that reflect friendships cultivated along the way.  The white tree peony that is showing off her petticoat like blooms is a reminder of how intrigued I was to see the tree peonies at the Woodrow Wilson house in Staunton, Virginia....and had to have one....okay three.  There is not just a wonderful memory, but life within the bloom.  There were bees in there today.....just dancing in the midst of the bloom, drunken with joy.

The mixed planters beside my door also speaks to me of Friendship.  Rosemary, the herb of remembrance (Mrs. Helen Doumas - a dear friend and past client shared this with me), loose leaf lettuce to be plucked, shared and then it grows back again - speaks to me of sharing experiences and then there is the Stock, an old fashioned fragrant cool season annual.  Once you smell the intoxicating scent, you will always remember it and remind your garden buddies that there are other things for Spring planting than pansies.....and they share not only a beautiful bloom....but a wonderful scent.
 There are so many items in my garden that invoke memories of dear friends and experiences.  I would love to share a few of them and just perhaps, you will make time to go into your garden and as you admire all things beautiful, reflect on the memories that linger in your be continued....

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