Monday, September 30, 2013

All things beautiful..........

Well..still catching my breath from Paris and I am heading to a conference with other like minded people.  It is the BlogaliciousFIVE conference in Atlanta, Georgia.....I know ....what am I doing?  I am laying the groundwork for Plan B or for Teri Unleashed.  I have a birthday coming up at the end of November and it will be the start of Plan B.   I have always said that I do not feel the age that I am.  Well reality hit this summer with the humidity....I surely felt my age and then some.  No need for the details, a girl has to have some secrets...however, it caused me to reflect on how I would, could and should proceed with my passions going forward.

What were my passions when I was laying the groundwork for my future many moons ago.......had I totally put them out to pasture? My sewing, my crafting,  my yearning for 6 perfect children -3 girls and 3 boys- who would march perfectly up my parents driveway and demonstrate how I was the perfect Mother with their manners and intelligence...with the perfect husband of perfect package.  I would have a wonderfully beautiful rose garden and awesome hydrangeas that would sit at the edge of the woods, behind the pond.  My large dogs would run and play and not ruin my garden, but would merely add to my state of bliss.   I would also play the piano to soothe my soul..I two many "romance/perfect life novels"  With an existence like this, who would need a Plan B?

Flash forward - I still sew, love to create and craft, two "perfect to me, beautiful daughters and two awesome grandsons", there is no perfect husband and I love meeting people who do not try to re-create me. I have the world's most precious and prettiest rottweiler who sits on my lap and adores me....and I adore her.  I am a homeowner with roses, perennials, assorted shrubs and right now my garden is transitioning  to it's dormant, resting state of brown, I am officially a  Stella & Dot Stylist since I simply adore their jewelry and accessories, and I am going to be a part of the blogalicious social squad and I could not be more pleased.  Only in my world could stranger things happen with no rhyme or reason. 

So while I should be packing to go to Hotlanta, I am instead blogging, looking at photos of Paris that I need to put into an album and post....(especially photos of Giverny), trying to remember to get my clothes from the cleaners to pack....I leave Monday and all the while, thinking about how Plan B will affect the next chapters in my life as I listen to jazz from Washington State on internet radio.  I would never have imagined that I would be in such a blissful state..there is that B again.  Perhaps Plan B is Plan Bliss?

I think my world is about to change, just like the seasons and the gardens in our lives....

Life is great and I am glad to be alive tomsee and experience it.

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