Monday, September 2, 2013

Paris....departure eve

Sadly, this journey must end for this time. 
I believe that I must make this a trip every two keep it fresh in my mind.  There is something about losing track of time, mindlessly taking the subway, walking the streets with no fear and being in awe of history that is around almost every corner that is part of the intrigue of Paris. Nothing  is perfect mind you - the cigarette smoke, the graffitti....just to point out a few unpleasantries, but talk about just checking out awesomeness!  Mind you, there is so much more to explore, but just the thought of how things built so many moons ago and the reality that they seriously drink the smallest shots of coffee, is so amazing to me. My next journey here will be in yet another area of town, with a totally different experience and with a lift!  Luggage and five flights of curvy, extremely old steps are NOT a good combination.  Particularly when a trip to the fabric district was made not once, but twice.....for trims!  I hope it is under 50 pounds....the extra carry-on duffel I mean.

Off to the Jardin de Tuileries for my final photo shots for this truly saddens me, but I know there will be another time, for another great adventure in Paris.  Maybe next time I will visit in the late Spring to see things awaken to yet another year of all things beautiful..... perhaps I will inquire about participating in the plantings at a garden, for the experience of a lifetime! Hmmmm some kind of horticultural internship..... that would be really cool!

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