Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BLOGALICIOUS5 - Social Squad Bonding Day....and my afternoon adventure....

Today was the Social Squad bonding day.  I honestly have to say that I was right at home with my Southern Sisters packing swag bags and just chit chatting about just about everything.  It was simply a delightful morning filled with laughter, precision and fun!!!

I partnered with my new sister girlfriend Stacy.  She writes a blog about the family and how we can get it back together.  I know that I want to follow her as this is an issue I am very interested in. Stacy and I ventured out after the swag bag stuffing this morning to a place on my bucket list that I never thought I would have time to go to. First we went to a terrific restaurant called Top Spice, a Thai & Malaysian Cuisine in Ansley Park. I had a lunch special Pad Thai Noodle with Shrimp.  Quite delicious and you could tell that it was made fresh.  Stacy had  spring roll and vegetable fried rice with tofu.  The spring roll was given high marks by Stacy.  This was a delightful break for food in the middle of the day that was not fast food.

We had to go back up the road from Ansley Park (beautiful homes), to get to The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  I will have to say that this adventure had me speechless from the time we pulled into the parking garage to the Canopy Walk...I know that I was taken aback by this fine example of a Botanical Garden. I need to gather my thoughts on this wonderful afternoon treat, however, let me share some of the beauty that surrounded me as my journey through this Botanical Fantasyland unfolded..........

Can't wait to share more, but I need to GirlTrek in the morning before I attend the BlogaliciousFIVE Conference and learn more to enhance my blogging skills!!!  Personal Development....such an awesome thing!!!

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