Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Thanks for the Journey....and the gardens along the way.....

I am so Thankful and in this season of giving Thanks, I just wanted to share a bit of my journey.  I love to garden, I love plants, I love exploring well known and not so much known gardens anywhere, anytime and all of the time.  When I started to reflect upon my journey of the past few years, I realized that I should be quite Thankful for the experiences that I have had.  I realized that I have made a serious effort about my exploration of all things beautiful.

I have wandered to gardens from Washington, DC, New York, Denver, South Carolina, Georgia and of course Paris, France.  I have enjoyed formal gardens, creative gardens, magnificent gardens, historic gardens and simple gardens as well.  I am however still hungry for more garden adventures.  I was looking for a specific picture to use in an article, when I started going through photos from my journey.  I realized that I am love with the borrowed view, paths that lead to ...well who knows where and I love to immerse myself in the beauty that surrounds us anytime and anywhere. 

I am Thankful that I have had the opportunity to be able to see these gardens and all things beautiful with my own eyes.  There is nothing like a personal memory to carry with you and there is also nothing like creating more memories to savor as the years go by.

Thankful that I am here's to the journey and the ability to share a few photos as I find all things beautiful....just happens they are mostly in or near gardens...........

United States Botanical Gardens, Washington, DC

Of Course Paris, France..
Woodville, Virginia
Borrowed View of the Palisades from Wave Hill...
Wave Hill, New York....
Nemours Mansion, Pennsylvania
Denver, Colorado
Centennial Park, Atlanta Georgia
and this is just the beginning.......................
I will continue to first be Thankful for the journey and for the opportunity to share all things beautiful........

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  1. It is amazing the beauty that we find along life's journey if we just enjoy the ride. Amazing photographs.


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