Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Perennial Life

As a landscape gardener, when I think of perennials, I define them as plants that I can count on being in my landscape, perhaps not forever, but for an extended period of time.  It will go through phases, it will have some of the not so good years and then very good years, all of this mostly depends on the care and feeding of said plant.  My interactions with my perennials can be compared to my relationships with people who are in my life.

There is a gentleman that I interact with everyday and ironically his name is Flowers.  I count on seeing him and having indepth conversations with him about life....or at least his version of it.  He is a 68 year old man from the south, who prides himself on taking care of things in my office.  He is not perfect, but he is there.  I know I can count on seeing him daily and when I don't, I worry.  Almost like after winter, that perennial you knew had it a bit rough last season, is not sprouting from the earth when you expected it to. All of a sudden, sure enough, it pushes through the earth....of course, when it is ready.  That is my "Uncle Flowers"....

Another perennial that is in my life and has been for almost 30 years - now that is a perennial for sure.  I am certain that most gardeners have a plant - like a tree peony - that is long lived, has awesome blooms and as most flowers that are beautiful, the blooms (like time spent) is just never long enough.  Having seen me through several life altering experiences, I have come to realize that this particular perennial is and will always be there as my journey continues. 
Her name is Kathy and I honestly have to say that while sometimes down right thorny (and only when she has to be) I can count on Kathy participating in my life landscape, blooming and being that evergreen perennial that puts life's challenges in perspective.  Oh how I look forward to the seasons that are bound to come and go quickly, but it will always be something that I look forward to. 
I also have a recent newbie to my perennial life landscape.  We are somewhat alike and are together excited about the creative possibilities in life.  We can talk about our children, life's challenges and our hobbies, as we are also crafting buddies.  I have not met many who can get as excited about the right finishing touches to a project, as I am about the right plant to complement my life landscape. 

Sharon and I are growing our understanding of social media and realize that we are just having fun on purpose and that no matter what, we are also cultivating and awesome friendship that will drops seeds of growth and bloom as time goes on.  Life landscapes are ever evolving and we look forward to this.
I have so many perennials in my life landscape - too many to mention, without leaving someone out. However whether they are friends, family or a stranger on the street, pause for a moment and think about your life landscape.  Do you have annuals - folks who are just in your life for the moment, taking up time with their need for constant care and feeding in order to maintain the friendship.......or do you have perennials - folks who are in your life landscape for the long haul...for the duration of the madness...growing, blooming and just being.  Like that awesome perennial that you can count on.

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