Sunday, November 10, 2013


Mums are not my favorite plant....there are so many other plants that excite me.  However, my dad - the Mummeister- is truly into his mums.  He can tell you where he got them, how long he has had them, how they started out and how they have been pollinated by the bees.  The bees have made some unique varieties with odd bloom color combinations as well as petal shapes.  The excitement that my Dad expresses when he shares how "this one was just a stray baby this spring" or "this one was solid pink and look now it has pale yellow edges..." or "this one I got from Frank's....remember them?"

Even after our first frost a few weeks ago, the bees were humming and about their work as Dad and I transplanted his newly purchased plant stock.  I call him The Mummeister...although he is simply my Dad.

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