Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guerilla Gardening with seedballs

So, bored with the topsy turvy season we are experiencing already?   Take some of your seeds from last season and get busy making some seed balls. Take a look at this video and watch nature happen.  

Think about early season seeds like poppies, calendula and of course winter lettuce. Sprinkle some mini seed balls atop your potted bulbs.  This will add some interactive excitement while the bulb foliage silently creeps upward, reaching towards the sky.  Simply use 4 to 5 parts native clay to 1 part seeds and compost mix (I like to use worm castings), mix together and imagine you are a child again.  It will get messy, but it is just pure release that inner child, roll those seedballs, then set aside to dry.  While drying, imagine all the places that one could drop some seed balls that would simply and quietly add a smile to an unexpected persons journey.

So if you see some unexpected blooms in unexpected places....just think, someone contributed some seedballs to brighten the day.

No leftover seeds?  Don't worry, the seed catalogs and garden magazines are on their way!  In the meantime dream, plan and lets get through this winter together!

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