Friday, December 27, 2013

It's that time again......Personal Commitment to Self Time

Here we are again.  It is the end of 2013 and we are about to embark upon 2014.  The question in the air - as it always is, this time  the year - is What are your New Year Resolutions going to be??  My answer will be the same as last year.  I do not make New Years Resolutions, instead I make Personal Commitments to Self. What will I personally commit to doing for ME as I enter a New Year.  I know it sounds selfish but bear with me.
Most people can write down a laundry list of resolutions that they forget within the first two weeks.  One might mention it to others, but the follow through is often non-existent. Drinking less, not working too late, reading more, cooking more, etc.  - these are some of the resolutions my friends are sharing with me. While all of these things are good, they speak to behaviors and not to the core of what are you going to do for YOU. 
Will you decide to help others less fortunate than you?  This will enhance your attitude of gratitude.  Will you teach someone a skill that can better their chances of survival in today's world? This will enhance your feeling of self worth and helping create a kinder society. Will you pitch in when you see another person struggling?  The opportunity to give a helping hand and teach someone to work smarter and not harder, just might make you do the same.  These are just a few examples of what we can do as a personal commitment to self to enhance our lives from within.   There is nothing wrong with drinking less, cooking more or making more time for self and doing the things you love to do, but we should incorporate sharing ourselves by volunteering and giving back, for that inner glow.

My personal commitment to self is to mentor a budding gardener and show him or her the joy of working with their hands. This will enable me to share a gift given to me by my parents. I will help another person enhance their skill set to empower his/her spirit and better their future.  After all, optimism breeds effort. I will help out at a shelter or food bank, so that the less than fortunate can be served. I will also, share in the growth of my community, to make it the best community in the area.  I will also teach myself a new skill - felting.  So I can use fibers to share all of the beauty that surrounds me.  Even while doing these things, I will also make more meaningful time for me.  Sharing is a beautiful thing and I am all about all things beautiful.....and dreaming about Parisian gardens, of course!

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