Monday, December 30, 2013

My Beautiful Creation......


Awhile ago, a seed was planted and I had no idea of the joy that it would bring.  I had dreams of this seed mimicking the best parts of me.

When you are tasked with the care and nourishment of a special seed, you watch it sprout, grow, perhaps a few hurdle's along the way, but the main objective is for that special seed to be the best seed it can be.The hurtles just meant that I needed to water it more, fertilize it more, perhaps share more light with it. In any case, the seed struggled, survived and made the best of any and all conditions I presented to it.  My precious little seedling grew and she grew and she grew.  She thrived and remembered the lessons from the past.  I had to name that seedling, so I called her Johanna.

Johanna Teresa, my Teri

                                                        (Wondering what to do next......)

I wanted to share this because my seedling, in 11 days will be a full fledged of those milestone birthdays.  She has blossomed like a well nurtured seed and I am so proud of her. This precious seed was gifted to me when I was 25 years old..

                                                     (The 3 T's - Me, Teri and Thea)

  I had no idea of the interesting journey that I would encounter,  As any parent knows, the ups and downs can be quite dizzying. However, the power of LOVE can make even the worst of situations, let's say educational and quite interesting.  She has seen me through 8 relocation's, 2 grandsons, 2 life altering scenarios, countless discussions about everything  and is not going to follow my peaceful path towards gardening.  I am circular and she is linear, but when I look  into her face, I see me.

                                    (Sharing girl time while living in Baltimore)

 I see a reflection of a seed that has fallen not so far from my fading bloom.  I see my daughter, ever evolving, ever confidant and forever my beautiful creation.  I would like for her to have a birthday where is she so happy, free and excited about the she was 4 again....

                  (Returning from a birthday outing, returning to a surprise birthday party for Johanna)

However, I do not think she can fit into that dress anymore...........................

                                                      (The Innocent Look of The Teenager)

Happy Early Birthday Beautiful Johanna....I LOVE YOU...I pray you see many more as an adult, as a Mother and as my Friend. Thank God you are no longer a teenager!!!  My parenting manual was missing A LOT OF PAGES...................CHAPTERS ACTUALLY!!!!

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